Pico Pump

​The Pico pump is an electrically driven pump, with an integrated timing controller that can be used as a progressive or multiline system, or a combination of the two. Up to 10 outlets can be used on this pump.

Beka Handpump

This hand pump can deliver 1.5cm³ or 3cm³ of grease per stroke.
Operating pressure: 300 bar @1.5cm³ and 150 bar @3cm³
Dispensing grease up to NLGI 2. Please download for more info .

Lubrication  Engineering  Knowledge

OC-1 Multiline pumps

​This pump is designed to lubricate up to 32 individual points, and the metering of the grease can deliver different amounts at each point. It comes with or without an integral timer control. Please see our downloads page for more information

​​We carry a full range of Lubrication spares, including pipe, hose, fittings and accessories that we can dispatch for next day delivery.

Oil Pumps

These are mostly used for chain lubrication, and continuously lubricates using minimal oil, transferring the oil by brushes or drip feed , whilst the machinery is moving. For more info please see Agricultural on our downloads page

We carry a wide variety of stock.  If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us.

EP-1 pum

​The EP-1 is a high pressure automatic pump dispensing progressive EP2 grade grease. This pump has a maximum of 3 independently operating greasing outlets, greasing up to 100 points. It comes with or without an integrated timing controller. The reservoir sizes range from 1.9kg up to 8kg