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Beka One from Lek

Lubricant capacity:               120 ml (refillable)  

Fillings:                                 Up to 6 = 720 ml

Lubricant:                             Oil or grease up to NLGI cl. 2

Temperature range:             -20 C to +60 with suitable lubricant

Output pressure:                 Max 10 bar

Diameter / height                70mm / 127mm

Protective class:                 IP65

Power supply:                    Li-Batteries

Runtime per filling:             1 / 3 / 6 /12 / 24 months

Lifetime of the batteries:    Max 48 months

Fifing thread:                     External thread R1/4"k

For up to 6 fillings - this corresponds to a total capacity of 720 ml

Precise and reliable with electromechanic actuation

High dosing accuracy from -20 C to +60 C 
with suitable lubricant

Controlled and monitored by a microcontroller

Higher output pressure then common devices

No permanent high pressure on the lubricant

Suitable for lubricants with seperation tendency

Can be installed in any position